Feb. 9, 2020

At Least There's Galentine's Day | Dinner Plus Drinks #7

At Least There's Galentine's Day | Dinner Plus Drinks #7
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Nick is bummed that the Super Bowl & Winterfest is over, but Bridget is looking forward to Galentine's Day. Listen to all of our food tips, pop culture chat, and more. Here's what we talked about this episode:

  • We started by announcing our new social media channels! Find us on Facebook or Instagram at @dinnerplusdrinkspodcast. Check them both out to enter to win a $25 LGCM gift card!
  • We may have found a white wine that Bridget actually likes!
  • Nick shares something that he ate that was delicious but Bridget makes a bold prediction about what will be her favorite thing she ate this week.
  • We share our favorite recipes from this week's meal plan.
  • Bridget has a Valentine's Gift suggestion, and Nick has a must have BBQ accessory to recommend.
  • Listener Katie asked us to share some podcast picks, and we obliged!
  • Nick dropped a bit of meat knowledge about Dry Aged Beef.
  • Bridget shares an adorable story about her son being very proud of his father, and Nick is looking for sleep advice.

Thanks for listening, remember to check us out on Facebook and Instagram and enter our contest - you have until 11:59 PM on Thursday, 13th to enter! We also appreciate when you subscribe in your favorite podcast app, leave us ratings, and write reviews. You can also email our mailbag at: hello@dinnerplusdrinkspodcast.com.

Have a great week - we'll catch you next week!



  • Hooray Heroes - Bridget's pick for personalized books for all sorts of occasions! 
  • RAPICCA BBQ Gloves - Nick's pick for a great quality of heat resistant gloves for BBQ & more!

*Note - if you purchase using the links we provide, we may receive a small commission from certain sellers.

Bridget loves crime podcasts. Here are a few picks:

Nick loves sports podcasts but also timely news podcasts. Here are a few of his favorite podcasts:

  • Arseblog Arsecast - Nick has an obsession with Arsenal Football Club of the English Premier League. This podcast covers the Arsenal. 
  • The Bill Simmons Podcast - one of the most popular podcasts in the sports world, a