Season 2

Sept. 25, 2022

Surprise Quiz - Dinner Plus Drinks #142

Hey there y'all, it's fall, y'all! We have a bit of fall (or is it autumn?) themed fun after our product recommendations today, c…

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Sept. 18, 2022

Pre-Bridget - Dinner Plus Drinks #141

It's the day before Bridget's birthday as we release the episode, so we feel the need to acknowledge her - happy birthday Bridget…

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Sept. 11, 2022

The Queen is Dead, Long Live the King - Dinner Plus Drinks #140

The passing of Elizabeth II, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of Her other Re…

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Sept. 4, 2022

WaterPik - Dinner Plus Drinks #139

Friends, we'll be upfront with you. The highlight of this episode is dental discussion and Nick's new toy / essential health tool…

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Aug. 28, 2022

RTDs - Dinner Plus Drinks #138

Hello friends! On this episode, we tried four different ready to drink (canned) cocktails. Some were good, some weren't as good. …

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Aug. 21, 2022

Bridget Thrifts For You - Dinner Plus Drinks #137

Hey there thrifty friend! In honor of August 17th's National Thrift Store Day, we got in the spirit and had Bridget share tips on…

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Aug. 14, 2022

Razor Wars - Dinner Plus Drinks #136

On this week's episode, you're treated to an absurd commercial about razors. It's a commentary on society's weird place, but we t…

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Aug. 6, 2022

DAS FESTIN' LIVE, JA? - Dinner Plus Drinks #135

Hey hey hey, everybody! We are cooking brats and drinking das bier at DAS Fest, so we weren't able to do a normal episode, but we…

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July 31, 2022

Kiss of Death - Dinner Plus Drinks #134

Well, as many of you pointed out, our interview with Alex Lasry may have been the Kiss of Death in his Senatorial race. Shoot. We…

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July 24, 2022

Alex Lasry Interview

In this episode, we interview Alex Lasry, Democratic candidate for US Senate for the State of Wisconsin. You can learn more about…

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July 21, 2022

Live Podcast Friday - Programming Announcement

Hey friends - dropping in with a programming announcement: This Friday we will be recording a live podcast at The Bottle Shop in …

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July 17, 2022

Give Me The Cheese & Noodles - Dinner Plus Drinks #133

We recorded on July 14th, and Nick was excited to celebrate Bastille Day, while Bridget was excited to celebrate Mac and Cheese D…

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July 10, 2022

Don't Want To Be Wrong Here - Dinner Plus Drinks #132

Hello everybody! This week's episode has lots of links to happy stories, great products and more. Check it out: Our very local La…

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July 3, 2022

Colonial Adventures - Dinner Plus Drinks #131

Happy 4th of July everybody! This week, we had some fun with this Choose Your Own Adventure Book , as well as all of the normal l…

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June 26, 2022

Choice - Dinner Plus Drinks #130

It officially happened and we talked about it. We also talked about Father's Day, guessing real estate prices, and lots more. It'…

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June 19, 2022

Balsamic Coke - Dinner Plus Drinks #129

We had a ton of fun recording this episode talking about a variety of totally unrelated topics and a surprise trip that Bridget t…

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June 12, 2022

Back On The Road to Rockford - Dinner Plus Drinks #128

Hey friends - we hit the road to go see our friends Jeff of Jeff Anderson Photography and Colin of Sinclair Collective in Rockfor…

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June 5, 2022

More Bitter Coffee - Dinner Plus Drinks #127

Hello again friends, did you miss us? Thanks for understanding our need to take a week off last week. It all got to be a bit too …

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May 29, 2022

It's Memorial Day Weekend - Dinner Plus Drinks Announcement

It's just Bridget popping on with a quick announcement this week. We'll be back to regularly scheduled programming next week!

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May 22, 2022

LEGO Bouquets - Dinner Plus Drinks #126

Greetings Dinner Plus Drinks fans! It's been an even crazier than normal week in our lives, so this episode was a lovely way to s…

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May 15, 2022

Have a Good Day Daddy - Dinner Plus Drinks #125

We're talking about shopping, gardening, sports, all the things this week! We hope you enjoyed listening. If you'd like to follo…

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May 8, 2022

Postal Interviews - Dinner Plus Drinks #124

Nick has been busy interviewing people IRL, so we decided it'd be fun to test Bridget's interview skills for her childhood dream …

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May 1, 2022

Library + Bridget's Fantasies

Things that make Bridget happy and the Lake Geneva Public Library came together this week to make some interesting threads of con…

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April 24, 2022

All of the Eggs - Dinner Plus Drinks #122

When we recorded, it felt like we just got done finding all the Easter eggs we hid for both of our kids. We talked about all the …

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April 17, 2022

Milwaukee Obscura - Dinner Plus Drinks #121

Happy Easter Dinner Plus Drinks listeners! We hope you're enjoying a fantastic Holiday (if you listen on release day, sorry it's …

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April 10, 2022

Cheap Beer - Dinner Plus Drinks #120

We recorded this episode on National Beer Day (April 7th) and decided the best way to celebrate would be to try a bunch of cheap …

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April 3, 2022

New Studio Conversationality - Dinner Plus Drinks #119

Nick did a little rearranging in the studio space and it's a bit more conversationally oriented. We hope you enjoy this week's ch…

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March 27, 2022

Unexpected D&D - Dinner Plus Drinks #118

We started this episode with French 75's, Bridget's favorite cocktail, and made a surprise detour in the middle. Join us for the …

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March 20, 2022

Inflatable Pub Savings Time - Dinner Plus Drinks #117

We've got a lot going on this week - wrapping up St. Paddy's season, talking the horror that is Daylight Savings Time, and lots, …

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March 13, 2022

St. Paddy's 2022 - Dinner Plus Drinks #116

Everyone is a little Irish, but Bridget is very Irish, Nick is pretty Irish, and our annual St. Patrick's Day guest Kevin Fleming…

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March 6, 2022

Vacation Surprise - Dinner Plus Drinks #115

Nick's back, but Bridget's leaving, so on this episode we talked all about travel, vacation, and the good and bad of leaving one'…

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Feb. 27, 2022

Nick in DC - Dinner Plus Drinks #114

Nick spent a few relaxing days in Washington, DC and in this episode we talk about the trip, the food, the highs, the lows, the i…

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Feb. 20, 2022

Wisconsin Snacks Bracket - Dinner Plus Drinks #113

It's not quite March, but we completed a Wisconsin Snacks Bracket and had a blast doing it! Thanks to Milwaukee Record for puttin…

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Feb. 18, 2022

Amuse Bouche #25 - Super Bowl vs. The Olympics Commercials

I've been a long time fan of commercials. You read that right, I actually like them! With The Super Bowl and the Olympics colli…

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Feb. 13, 2022

Winter Olympics Trivia - Dinner Plus Drinks #111

We're back in studio with this week's episode featuring Winter Olympics trivia plus lots more! Have a great week everybody, thank…

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Feb. 6, 2022

Winterfest 2022 - Dinner Plus Drinks #110

Hey everybody! For this week's episode, we took a little tour of the US National Snow Sculpting Competition and the happenings at…

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Jan. 30, 2022

Simona Oops - Dinner Plus Drinks #110

Hey everybody, it's Nick here. Unfortunately due to an unfortunate situation, my beautiful baby girl Simona caused an unfortunate…

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Jan. 23, 2022

Oreo Taste Off with Melissa Jordan - Dinner Plus Drinks #109

On this very special episode, we're joined by the one and only Melissa Jordan of B933 radio in Milwaukee! We didn't want to subje…

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Jan. 21, 2022

Amuse Bouche #24 - Stories from a Tribute Concert

This week, I had the hilarious experience of attending a tribute concert. Yes, a Jimmy Buffet tribute concert. It was a gift …

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Jan. 16, 2022

At-home COVID Tests - Dinner Plus Drinks #108

Hi friends - two programming announcements: We're no longer going to put the video of each episode on YouTube - based on algorith…

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Jan. 14, 2022

Amuse Bouche #23 - Superintendent Search

We took a little holiday and New Year's break to re-group, but I'm back with my favorite type of episode - a good old fashioned r…

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Jan. 9, 2022

New Year's Reso's - Dinner Plus Drinks #107

We're back! Did you miss us? Welcome to 2022 and our normally scheduled podcast. We started the year with something familiar - a …

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Jan. 1, 2022

So Long 2021, Hello 2022! - Dinner Plus Drinks #106

As promised, here we are recapping 2021, making fun of New Year's resolutions, and looking forward to a bright, beautiful 2022! W…

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Dec. 30, 2021

Christmas Recap 2021 - Dinner Plus Drinks #105

Hi guys - as promised here's a recap of how our Christmases went this year. We had fun with this one, and we hope you enjoy liste…

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Dec. 24, 2021

Merry Christmas from Bridget & Nick!

Hi all - we thought we'd drop in with some Christmas cheer and to let you know we won't have our regularly scheduled episode out …

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Dec. 19, 2021

Christmas Mad Libs - Dinner Plus Drinks #104

We played some Mad Libs, talked about last minute Christmas gifts, and so much more on this week's episode. Here are links to wha…

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Dec. 17, 2021

Amuse Bouche #22 - I Let my Kids Decorate my Tree

Does it make you crazy to see a tree with mis-matched ornaments, awkwardly strung ribbon and some mysterious tinsel in various pl…

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Dec. 12, 2021

Textural Sensations - Dinner Plus Drinks #103

Bridget was in Seattle visiting a very special person and we recorded the episode remotely. Luckily, we were able to be joined by…

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Dec. 5, 2021

Sugar Plum Fairy Dust - Dinner Plus Drinks #102

Sugar Plum Fairy Dust - real Hallmark Christmas movie or fake title made up by Nick? On this episode of Dinner Plus Drinks, we ar…

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Dec. 3, 2021

Amuse Bouche #21 - It's Christmas Concert Season

Yes, I kept calling it a pagent throughout the episode...because ya know what, it sounds fancier. It's Christmas Concert Season …

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