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Super fun and good wine advise

This podcast is just good fun to listen to! They cover current affairs, good recipes, and good wine advice. Periodically a good mixed drink as well. It’s fun to listen to iwhat is going on around Lake Geneva, but also a little bit of world reflection. These guys are so fun that I almost fan girled them one time when I was in Lake Geneva country meat store. Keep doing what you’re doing and look forward to it every week!


I didn't know what to expect when listening to this podcast but was pleasantly surprised by the relateable topics. The droplets of knowledge of different meal prep ideas and wine selection is a great touch. I look forward to the new episodes each Monday. Nice work and shout-out to salads.

Great podcast!

I enjoy the banter between the co-hosts! Great chat and very enjoyable. Love subscribing.

Loved having dinner plus drinks with you!!!!

You two are so fun! I love the variety of topics you touch on, and the hangout vibe you bring. Wish I could join you for a chat because I fully agree about the Soppressata pizza at Oakfire, delicious mint Kit Kat bars and chorizo sausage! Will be tuning in regularly guys.

Cooking with Lake Geneva Country Meats

This podcast, hosted by Lake Geneva Country Meats man, Nick, is a refreshing way to learn more about cooking and drinking while on quick drives around town. I trust LGCM to find the best food and wine for my family and this podcast compliments everything their store represents in the community. Tune in and learn something new you can mention at the next dinner party you go to!

Fun podcast for foodies!

It's been fun having different guests and taking different approaches to food topics each episode. Looking forward to more topics and episodes!