Dinner Plus Drinks Podcast

Dinner Plus Drinks Podcast

We all need friends to get us through life - now more than ever!

Dinner Plus Drinks is a podcast that talks about all of the things you would talk about over a dinner table with your friends. Each week co-hosts Bridget and Nick talk about what's happening in the world, share delicious food ideas, celebrate and commiserate parenting, all while enjoying a drink of something yummy.

We release our weekly episodes every Sunday around Noon, have occasional special interview episodes, and release a monthly wine episode called Pinkies Up.

Recent Episodes

Dinner Plus Drinks Weekly Episodes

Barf Everywhere | Dinner Plus Drinks #63

March 7, 2021

It's a weird week as we close in on the anniversary of realizing corona virus was a serious thing a…

Pinkies Up Episodes

What's the best wine to drink with pepperoni pizza? - Pinkies Up Ep. 7

March 4, 2021

On this episode of Pinkies Up, we set out to make your life just a little bit better by finding the…

Dinner Plus Drinks Weekly Episodes

City Council Woes | Dinner Plus Drinks #62

Feb. 28, 2021

Hey everybody, we had a pretty down week caused by decisions that were made by the Lake Geneva City…

Dinner Plus Drinks Weekly Episodes

Lord Coldemort | Dinner Plus Drinks #61

Feb. 21, 2021

If you love Harry Potter and puns, you probably are curious about the title of this week's episode …

Dinner Plus Drinks Weekly Episodes

Nothing Says Love Like Bacon and Donuts | Dinner Plus Drinks #60

Feb. 14, 2021

We're bringing you this episode early so you know to come and visit us at our donut *and* bacon the…

Dinner Plus Drinks Weekly Episodes

Live from the Sausage Shack | Dinner Plus Drinks #59

Feb. 7, 2021

This week's episode was recorded live at our Lake Geneva Country Meats Sausage Shack Pop Up with sp…

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