Dinner Plus Drinks Podcast

Dinner Plus Drinks Podcast

We all need friends to get us through life - now more than ever!

Dinner Plus Drinks is a podcast that talks about all of the things you would talk about over a dinner table with your friends. Each week co-hosts Bridget and Nick talk about what's happening in the world, share delicious food ideas, celebrate and commiserate parenting, all while enjoying a drink of something yummy.

We release our weekly episodes every Sunday around Noon, have occasional special interview episodes, and release a monthly wine episode called Pinkies Up.

Recent Episodes

Dinner Plus Drinks Weekly Episodes Special Interview Episodes

Oreo Taste Off with Melissa Jordan - Dinner Plus Drinks #109

Jan. 23, 2022

On this very special episode, we're joined by the one and only Melissa Jordan of B933 radio in Milwaukee! We didn't want to subject her to the horror of the Japanese Kit-Kat Taste Off, but we wanted to have a little food fun…

Amuse Bouche

Amuse Bouche #24 - Stories from a Tribute Concert

Jan. 21, 2022

This week, I had the hilarious experience of attending a tribute concert. Yes, a Jimmy Buffet tribute concert. It was a gift to my Dad for Christmas and it was highly entertaining. If you've never been to the Fireside Th…

Dinner Plus Drinks Weekly Episodes

At-home COVID Tests - Dinner Plus Drinks #108

Jan. 16, 2022

Hi friends - two programming announcements: We're no longer going to put the video of each episode on YouTube - based on algorithm changes, we don't have enough people watching to make it worth the time it takes to get an ep…

Amuse Bouche

Amuse Bouche #23 - Superintendent Search

Jan. 14, 2022

We took a little holiday and New Year's break to re-group, but I'm back with my favorite type of episode - a good old fashioned rant. Ok, it's meant to inspire you and inform you to take a bit of action locally. Or not loca…

Dinner Plus Drinks Weekly Episodes

New Year's Reso's - Dinner Plus Drinks #107

Jan. 9, 2022

We're back! Did you miss us? Welcome to 2022 and our normally scheduled podcast. We started the year with something familiar - a moderately priced California Cab - and we hope you enjoy the return to routine as much as we di…

So Long 2021, Hello 2022! - Dinner Plus Drinks #106

Jan. 1, 2022

As promised, here we are recapping 2021, making fun of New Year's resolutions, and looking forward to a bright, beautiful 2022! We hope you enjoy this special episode, we'll be back to our normal schedule next week, with a n…

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