Dinner Plus Drinks Podcast

Dinner Plus Drinks Podcast

We all need friends to get us through life - now more than ever!

Dinner Plus Drinks is a podcast that talks about all of the things you would talk about over a dinner table with your friends. Each week co-hosts Bridget and Nick talk about what's happening in the world, share delicious food ideas, celebrate and commiserate parenting, all while enjoying a drink of something yummy.

We release our weekly episodes every Sunday around Noon, have occasional special interview episodes, and release a monthly wine episode called Pinkies Up.

Recent Episodes

Dinner Plus Drinks Weekly Episodes

City Council Woes | Dinner Plus Drinks #62

Feb. 28, 2021

Hey everybody, we had a pretty down week caused by decisions that were made by the Lake Geneva City…

Dinner Plus Drinks Weekly Episodes

Lord Coldemort | Dinner Plus Drinks #61

Feb. 21, 2021

If you love Harry Potter and puns, you probably are curious about the title of this week's episode …

Dinner Plus Drinks Weekly Episodes

Nothing Says Love Like Bacon and Donuts | Dinner Plus Drinks #60

Feb. 14, 2021

We're bringing you this episode early so you know to come and visit us at our donut *and* bacon the…

Dinner Plus Drinks Weekly Episodes

Live from the Sausage Shack | Dinner Plus Drinks #59

Feb. 7, 2021

This week's episode was recorded live at our Lake Geneva Country Meats Sausage Shack Pop Up with sp…

Pinkies Up Episodes

What's the best wine to drink with dark chocolate? - Pinkies Up Ep. 6

Feb. 3, 2021

On this episode of Pinkes Up, we seek to find out what is the best type of wine to drink with dark …

Dinner Plus Drinks Weekly Episodes

Better chocoLATE than never | Dinner Plus Drinks #58

Jan. 31, 2021

We're giving this episode a Dad joke title because it is coming out a little later on Sunday than w…

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