July 25, 2021

Olympic Opening Ceremonies - Dinner Plus Drinks #83

Welcome to the Dinner Plus Drinks Podcast Olympics!!

We love the Olympics, so we decided to put on our own Olympic competition featuring Bridget competing against her twin sister Shannon! 

First, we had to choose countries for these two competitors to represent. Shannon lucked out and drew Ireland to represent, and Bridget was assigned Yemen! However, after the Bucks victory, we decided to reassign Bridget to represent Greece in honor of Giannis. 

After a short break, and regrouping at the Athlete's Village, the competitors shared some of the wonderful things they learned about their countries and recommended drinks, food, and products we should try from each country. Nick is going to cook each recommended meal this week and his wife Sarah will declare a winner!

Most importantly, both Bridget and Shannon assembled a Team of Champions - 3 famous people from each country to represent and fight for the pride of their nations. We need you to vote for your favorite team. You can find a post with the Champions on both our Instagram and Facebook. Comment on the post letting us know your favorite team and we'll announce the winner on next week's episode!

We have 3 weeks of Olympics fun planned - we hope you'll join us as we play games and revel in the spirit of International fun. If you have suggestions for contest, please write in and let us know your ideas. Here's how you can follow along with us and check out our social channels:

Let the Olympics begin!!! We hope you have a great week watching the games - go USA! We'll see you next week!

~ Bridget and Nick and Shannon