April 1, 2021

Laurin & Dave Interview - Seipp Beer Launch Replay

Laurin & Dave Interview - Seipp Beer Launch Replay

Hi podcast friends - you've probably heard us talk about how much we love Seipp Brewing's new Columba Bock beer, we've featured it as one of the things we're drinking. You may also remember us talking to Laurin Mack, the brand owner of the beer last year as she launched the brand. This year, she launched a second type of Seipp Beer - Columbia Bock - and we teamed up with her and Dave Desimone, site director of Black Point Estate & Gardens, to have a virtual launch party for the delicious new beer!

This episode is an edited replay of the Zoom call that we had on March 25th, 2021. Our attendees were able to ask questions and enjoyed the beers (as well as beer brats made with Seipp Beer) during the evening. You don't have the beer in hand as you listen, but we hope you enjoy hearing from Laurin and Dave. They both have some really cool things to share!

Thanks for listening and thanks for supporting Seipp Beer and Black Point Estate & Gardens. We love being able to highlight the awesome things in our backyard, and both Seipp and Black Point qualify as awesome. We hope you feel inspired to book a visit to Black Point or drink a six pack of Seipp Beer this summer.

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Cheers everybody, we'll talk next week!

~ Bridget and Nick