Nov. 6, 2022

My Poor Beard - Dinner Plus Drinks #148

My Poor Beard - Dinner Plus Drinks #148

How are you all doing out there?

We are having great weeks and getting ready for Friendsgiving - more on that after the break. Here are links to what we talked about this week:

  • Why give out candy when you can give out potatoes for Halloween treats? Check out the cool story of this Milwaukee women who found children preferred spuds to candy bars!
  • If you are a dry shampoo user, check out this list of recalled products, you should maybe not use your shampoo!
  • Bridget recommends Asos dresses for fancy season!
  • Nick loves a good Ah So wine opener for special bottles. It's easy to master, you'll look cool while using it and not ruin corks!

Have a great week everybody, we'll talk to you soon!

Bridget & Nick