Aug. 8, 2021

Olympic Closing Ceremonies - Dinner Plus Drinks #85

It's the last episode of our Dinner Plus Drinks Olympic Games!

We had two final events with the standings tied between Bridget's Team Greece and Shannon's Team Ireland. Who will win? There is plenty of last minute drama and fun in this week's episode, tune in to hear the results of this riveting competition.

A huge thank you to Shannon for joining us and representing Team Ireland so well in this Olympic Game series. We hope you enjoyed a break from our "routine" episodes and had fun celebrating the Olympics with us. We'll be back to our normal episodes next week. 

If you've had fun, here's how you can follow along with us and get in touch with us to share feedback and ideas:

Congratulations to both of our "athletes" for a competition well contested.  Thanks for listening, have a great week, we'll talk to you next week!

~ Bridget and Nick and Shannon