Sept. 19, 2021

Happy Birthday, Bridget! - Dinner Plus Drinks #91

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It's Bridget's (and Shannon's) Birthday!!!

We had to celebrate and have a little bit of fun. We hope you enjoy our celebration of Bridget on this week's episode. Here are links to what we talked about:

  • Kenyan engineer Nzambi Matee is recycling plastic into bricks that are stronger than concrete. She's getting some much deserved recognition for this amazing idea. Check it out!
  • COVID has been bad for a lot of things, but it has sparked new interest in certain outdoor hobbies like birding. Congrats to "The Nest" a new bird boutique in Greendale, Wisconsin who is taking advantage of the trend and thriving.
  • Norm MacDonald recently passed away - his interview on Conan with Courtney Thorne-Smith was legendary. Take some time to watch and enjoy.

We hope you enjoyed listening to this episode. Also a big shout out to listener Beth who said hi to Bridget - we appreciate everyone that listens and it's great to get to talk to you in person!

If you like what we're doing,  here's how you can follow along and get in touch with us:

Thanks for listening, we hope you have a great week!

~ Bridget and Nick