Dec. 17, 2021

Amuse Bouche #22 - I Let my Kids Decorate my Tree

Amuse Bouche #22 - I Let my Kids Decorate my Tree
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Does it make you crazy to see a tree with mis-matched ornaments, awkwardly strung ribbon and some mysterious tinsel in various places?  Well, if it does, don't come over to my place because I let me kids decorate the tree!

I am generally incredibly Type A, but when it comes to the Christmas tree, I had to let it all go.  My ornaments do not match and that is the joy of it.  Each ornament on our tree tells a story - whether it's a childhood nickname, a memory from the past or a hand crafted daycare picture that makes you smile.

Listen in to hear all about my ornament traditions!

Oh, and those ornaments I refer to at the end, you can find them  here.