Aug. 27, 2020

What's the Best Seltzer Water? With Mike Mason from Lake961

What's the Best Seltzer Water? With Mike Mason from Lake961
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Long time listeners know that Bridget and Nick are huge proponents of Bubly sparkling water, and you can often see us drinking the water during the show (if you're watching on YouTube). We've gotten several requests to do a seltzer water taste off, pitting different brands of water against each other to see if we can tell the difference and to see which one we like best. 

For this taste off, we recruited our friend Mike Mason from Lake961 to be an impartial and inexperienced judge (he has never had seltzer water!) and tried five different types of seltzer water, all in lime flavors. Here's what we tried:

  • La Croix
  • Bubly
  • Good & Gather
  • Spindrift
  • Perrier

Enjoy listening as we work our way through a fun time of deciding which water tastes best!
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