June 6, 2021

Weird Infections - Dinner Plus Drinks #76

It's been a week. Bridget has an... infection situation that you'll hear about on this week's episode, plus lots more fun as we get summer kicked off! Here are links to what we discussed this week:

  1. If you'd like to read some follow up on the story of Naomi Osaka, you can read this NY Times article.
  2. We drank a can of Indeed Brewing Company's Lucy Session Sour beer in honor of sweet (and sour) little Lucy turning two this week!
  3. This story about a boy named Joe decorating a restaurant (with permission!) with his doodles is sure to cheer you up! See some of the doodles for yourself on this article.
  4. Follow up to last week's cicada cooking chat - if you're allergic to shrimp (like Nick) you're allergic to cicadas too. Don't eat them.
  5. Lucy loved this Paint Your Own Tea Set - it makes a great gift for any child in your life.
  6. It's summer time and you may need new sunglasses. Both Nick & Bridget recommend Shady Ray's as an affordable, stylish, and quality option.
  7. Bridget is super excited to have some homemade Fried Chicken Tenders this week.
  8. And Nick is all over these Chipotle Mojo Pork Tacos. Mmmmmm tacos.

Thanks for listening to our horror stories this week! If you weren't scared off by all of the craziness this week, and enjoyed listening, please be sure to follow along or send us a note - we appreciate your support. Here's how you can follow along and reach out to us:

Cheers everybody, have a great week; we'll talk to you next week!

~ Bridget and Nick

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