May 2, 2021

Weather & Vacuums | Dinner Plus Drinks #71

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Hello friends - we're officially getting old as we talk about the weather, rain, grass, vacuums and many other old people things. We're sure you can relate to these fascinating and vital subjects, however, and we'd love to hear your opinions on these subjects as well! If you're not into these everyday topics, don't worry, we talked food, news, and, of course, funny kid stories.

Here are links to what we talked about this week:

Thanks so much for listening, we love getting together with you every week and appreciate that you join us. We'll have a Pinkies Up wine episode coming out this week with a delightful spring theme. We hope you'll tune in for that episode as well!

Here's how you can stay up with all of the things Dinner Plus Drinks and get in touch with us to share your travel tips and more! 

Cheers everybody, have a great week; we'll talk to you next week!

~ Bridget and Nick

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