Aug. 9, 2020

We Have a Studio! | Dinner Plus Drinks #33

We Have a Studio! | Dinner Plus Drinks #33
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You're going to want to watch this episode on YouTube, because you can see our brand new studio! Nick (with some help) turned an unfinished area of his basement into what will be our mostly permanent home for the podcast's weekly episodes. In addition to our joy of having a studio space to call home, here's what we talked about this week:

  1. We each enjoyed the first fruits of fall - which is almost here, we guess? - a can of Oktoberfest Beer from Revolution Brewing. Let us know if you think it's too soon for Oktoberfest beer, and what your favorite one is!
  2. Bridget rather enjoyed this cheeky ad from Durex encouraging people to cover up for safety! It's great to see finally a little humor at coronavirus' expense!
  3. As detailed on last week's episode, Nick's football club (soccer team to Americans), won a trophy and he's ecstatic. Since the club couldn't celebrate with the traditional open top bus parade for the supporters (fans), Arsenal brought the trophy to a few specially chosen people.
  4. If you're in Lake Geneva, and love coffee, Bridget recommends you check out Inspired Coffee Shop, which not only serves coffee, but also provides employment opportunities to adults with disabilities. Their tagline sums up their mission: "Great coffee. Greater purpose."
  5. Nick really likes clean, brightly lit spaces, and these Beyond Bright LED Lights will definitely do the trick if you're looking to brighten up a garage, basement, or any other space!
  6. Bridget is a tacoholic and this week she's looking forward to the Chicken & Avocado Street Taco recipe on the meal plan.
  7. Nick is extremely excited to make BBQ Pork Mac & Cheese. It's a little trashy, but so delicious.

We're excited to be bringing you a special episode this upcoming week - look for an interview with John and Kristy, owners of Just North of Memphis BBQ & Catering to be released on Wednesday, August 12th. If you enjoy eating barbecue, want to hear stories of barbecue competitions, or pick up some tips on how to make better barbecue at home, this will be a great episode for you!

Thanks for listening, we hope you enjoy this week's episode, and please subscribe, rate us, review us, and share with your friends! Remember, you can watch this episode on our YouTube channel, and you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram for extra content, or drop us a line at hello <at> dinnerplusdrinks <dot> com. We love your feedback and want to interact with you!

Cheers everybody!

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