March 27, 2022

Unexpected D&D - Dinner Plus Drinks #118

Unexpected D&D - Dinner Plus Drinks #118

We started this episode with French 75's, Bridget's favorite cocktail, and made a surprise detour in the middle. Join us for the fun as we visit Gary Con XIV in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin!

Here are links to what we talked about this episode:

  • Bridget's first coffee discussed on this episode is Cometeer Coffee - a flash frozen, hyper fresh coffee!
  • Nick loves his new iPhone 13 Pro Max. The camera is insane. Really, seriously, insane.
  • While war is nothing to make light of, the fact that Ukrainian fighters are using Bon Jovi to hype themselves up as they are fortifying their cities AND Bon Jovi is supporting it, is pretty neat.
  • If you think the partisan nonsense that are Supreme Court confirmation hearings are something that "has always happened," you'd be wrong. This NPR interview from 2009 details the ridiculous history of why we now have to put up with these shenanigans. 
  • Tyler picked up a few bags of Smuggler's Coffee's Gary Con special release coffees for Bridget. Check out all the coffee they have available. 

Have a great week everybody, thanks for joining us. If you'd like to follow along with us, here are all the links:

Cheers everybody!

~ Bridget and Nick