Dec. 20, 2020

Ultra Bright LED Lights | Dinner Plus Drinks #52

Ultra Bright LED Lights | Dinner Plus Drinks #52
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We're still apart - don't want to get anyone sick before Christmas! - but we are in a festive mood as we talk about Christmas traditions, house decorating, and lots more on this fun episode of Dinner Plus Drinks. We hope you enjoy hearing some of what we're looking forward to this Christmas and hope you'll send us some of your Holiday traditions. We love hearing about the fun things all of our podcast friends are doing! 

Here are a few links of things we talked about on this episode:

  1. Bridget shared the story of how a Father & Son honored their Wife & Mom's memory by spreading $208 of free coffee. It's amazing - check it out here.
  2. Nick loves stories of retirees going back to school to earn degrees, and found this story of a Grandma and Granddaughter graduating from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga together really awesome. Read it here.
  3. Bridget loves to collect themed ornaments to commemorate each year, and this years, she found cross stitch templates on Etsy to make at home. These ornaments are pretty funny, you can find them here.
  4. Nick recently purchased a DJI Mini 2 drone. It's amazing. If you need a gift for someone who loves tech toys, get this. Learn about it on DJI's website.
  5. Nick also recommends Ultra Bright LED Christmas lights in the C6 size. They're perfect! He bought his at Home Depot. You can get the details here.

As always, thanks for listening! We hope you enjoyed our Christmas talk and would love to hear your Christmas stories and traditions. You can watch this episode on our YouTube channel, follow us on Facebook and Instagram for extra content, or drop us a line at hello /at/ dinnerplusdrinks /dot/ com. 

Have a very Merry Christmas - we'll talk to you soon.


Bridget & Nick