May 17, 2020

To-may-toe / To-mah-toe, Nick Loves Them All! | Dinner Plus Drinks #21

To-may-toe / To-mah-toe, Nick Loves Them All! | Dinner Plus Drinks #21
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Wisconsin is back open for business, and while Bridget & Nick aren't sure about how they feel about that, one thing is certain...Nick loves tomatoes. If you have never gotten excited about tomatoes before, Nick's enthusiasm on this episode is sure to get you jazzed for this incredibly delicious fruit. If you don't love tomatoes, don't worry we talk about plenty else as well!

Here are links from this week's episode:

  1. Tune into our Virtual Bar Trivia with Grant from 3 Sheeps Brewing on Wednesday, May 20th at 8 PM. Here's the link to watch.
  2. The Seattle Times reports that Seattle is permanently closing 20 miles of roads to traffic, and Bridget loves it!
  3. Toshua Parker operates a grocery store for a small town in Alaska by taking a weekly 7 hour ferry ride - each way - to stock up for the town of Gustavus. Nick applauds his commitment to his customers.
  4. Bridget and her son Elliot are having a blast playing with Magna Tiles, and she highly recommends them to all parents!
  5. Bridget will be eating this Thai Chicken Satay recipe this week - everyone loves food on a stick, right?
  6. Nick is going to be making our Chorizo Rice Skillet recipe for #TacoTuesday.
  7. You can check out the entire week's meal plan by clicking here.

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Cheers everybody!

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