Oct. 11, 2020

This Is A Chicken Heavy Episode | Dinner Plus Drinks #42

This Is A Chicken Heavy Episode | Dinner Plus Drinks #42

Holy chicken, on this week's episode Bridget & Nick both had some delicious chicken they wanted to rave about. It must be (yet another) sign of an impending apocalypse. We talked about the end of Oktoberfest and an upcoming birthday party plus lots more on this week's episode. Here are all the links: 

Did you see our newest episode of Pinkies Up was released this week? In this episode of our wine series, we answer the question "Is All German Wine Sweet?" while we're dressed up in festive German clothing. You can listen online here or watch on YouTube here.

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Have a great week - we'll be back next week with more fun!

~ Bridget and Nick

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