Aug. 2, 2020

Taco Week! | Dinner Plus Drinks #32

Taco Week! | Dinner Plus Drinks #32
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As frequent listeners will know, we love tacos. We love them so much, we decided that we should make up a taco week at Lake Geneva Country Meats and dedicate it to the love of all things taco. That week is now, and we're here to talk tacos - plus lots more! Here's what we talked about on this week's episode!

  1. Bridget is a huge fan of the "Can't Stop Us" ad from Nike. It has all the feels!
  2. Nick found an awesome way to keep your identity secret while you claim lottery winnings - dress up as Darth Vader!
  3. Bridget picked up a set of lidded Pyrex bowls from Goodwill are super useful. You can get the same set at Amazon by clicking here.
  4. Nick thinks that taco holders are mostly useless - but this taco holding divided plate with space for tacos, beans, and rice is super useful!
  5. Bridget's recommended Taco Week recipe is this delicious and convenient Taco Rice Bowl recipe.
  6. While Nick recommends this incredibly easy to make (but very flavorful) Chorizo Taco recipe.

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Cheers everybody!

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