March 28, 2021

Sweet Little Rain | Dinner Plus Drinks #66

It's a rainy tired week here but Nick helped Bridget rediscover something awesome that seems appropriate for this weather - Sweet Little Rain! This coffee shop trick combines two of Bridget's favorite things, and to learn what it is, you'll need to listen to our product recommendations - we think that's what you call a tease, right?

Heads up - we really want to get your input for next week's "would you rather" questions. Whether you have a favorite one that you like to ask people, or a dastardly one to ask Bridget and / or Nick, we want to get your ideas! We'd love it if you use our website to leave us a voicemail that we can play on next week's episode with your question. It's easy to leave a voicemail - just follow these steps:

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It's super easy, especially if you do the process on a phone! Thanks for your input, we're going to rotate segments a bit, and we want to get your input. You can also email hello at dinnerplus drinks dot com with the question, or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram!

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~ Bridget and Nick