March 13, 2022

St. Paddy's 2022 - Dinner Plus Drinks #116

St. Paddy's 2022 - Dinner Plus Drinks #116
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Everyone is a little Irish, but Bridget is very Irish, Nick is pretty Irish, and our annual St. Patrick's Day guest Kevin Fleming is an Irish citizen!

We recorded this episode live at Topsy Turvy Brewery in Lake Geneva. They have live music and events happening all St. Patrick's season, so check out their website and social media for details, then stop in to enjoy the festivities. 

This week's music is Blueridge Jig by Caleb Etheridge and we hope you find the little bit of fiddle music as enjoyable as we do. 

Thanks for joining us for our bit of our Irish-inspired fun. We hope you enjoyed the change of pace, and we'll talk to you again next week.


~ Bridget and Nick