Jan. 3, 2021

So Long 2020, Hello 2021! | Dinner Plus Drinks #54

So Long 2020, Hello 2021! | Dinner Plus Drinks #54
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Happy New Year!

On this week's episode, we have a fun conversation about what New Year's means to us, how we celebrate, and favorite memories. We also share some of the things we are looking forward to in 2021 and chat about the all the normal things as well. It's good to start trying to get back to normal a little bit! 

Here's what we talked about on this week's episode:

  1. We drank a glass (or two) each of Gramona La Cuvee, a Spanish sparkling wine that is made by a sustainable, family owned and quality focused producer.
  2. Bridget and Nick each shared a roundup of some of the good news stories from 2020. If you need to be reminded of the good things that happened in this dumpster fire of a year, click here to see Bridget's round up, and click here to see Nick's round up.
  3. Bridget's cousin Ruth (click here to see her Instagram account that showcases her beautifully designed house), helped Bridget find this Daily Planner by Lavendaire. It offers flexibility and planning as well as a daily dose of gratitude. 
  4. Nick will once again recommend the Ink + Volt planner. He's used it for many years, and it has always helped him reign in the daily chaos just a little bit.
  5. We're starting our 2021 with a meal plan featuring recipes that'll bring a little spice to your life! Click here to check it out. 
  6. Bridget picked a recipe that Elliot will probably love - it's pork - and is super easy to make in a slow cooker. Check out this Sweet and Spicy Thai Pork Loin recipe right here.
  7. Nick picked this Chorizo and Queso dip recipe from the meal plan that is one of Sarah's favorite treats. She even makes it herself for family get togethers! Check it out here

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Happy New Year, friends! We'll talk again soon - if there are any topics you want us to take on this year, be sure to get in touch and let us know.

~ Bridget and Nick