Feb. 3, 2020

Snot Suckers | Dinner Plus Drinks #6

Snot Suckers | Dinner Plus Drinks #6

Bridget and Nick had an awesome week(end) packed full of Lake Geneva Winterfest, SUPER activities, plus some new experiences with a certain child's nose. Here's what you can enjoy on this week's SUPER fun episode:

  • We popped a bottle of English sparkling wine from Ridgeview Wine Estate. It's awesome.
  • Nick shares some of the tiniest food that will ever be the best thing he ate.
  • Nick & Bridget relate their experience with one of the happiest food days of the year.
  • We talk about this week's meal plan - there are a lot of winners on this week's plan!
  • Product recommendations to keep you warm and make you a better leader.
  • A mailbag question from Tony about how to celebrate Valentine's in style - without too much difficulty.
  • Bridget has a parenting win to share...
  • ...and Nick has a snot sucking report to share.

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Have a great week!



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