Jan. 26, 2020

Road Trip! | Dinner Plus Drinks #5

Road Trip! | Dinner Plus Drinks #5

We had to take a road trip during our normal recording time, so we decided to make a special road trip episode of Dinner Plus Drinks! Recorded in the car, this episode features awesome chat about:

  • The hydration capabilities of still water vs. carbonated water.
  • All time favorite road trips.
  • Road trip food - including a great tip from Bridget on how to organize road trip snacks.
  • We share two winning recipes from this week's meal plan.
  • We recommend two products that we were both using during this road trip. 
  • Lake Geneva Winterfest, with a preview of a special podcast we're releasing next week.
  • Nick gives an overview of one of his favorite cuts of meat - beef short ribs.
  • Kid corner talk including a pro parent tip from Bridget to Nick, and Nick's tips on where to drive if your kids love car rides.

Check out our blog post for this episode for pictures, links, and our mailbag form, or keep scrolling for links to all the recipes and products we discussed this week.

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  • Plastic Jewelry Box Organizer - this is the perfect tool to divide up road trip snacks into convenient portions. We like the adjustable dividers on this box.
  • Hydro Flask Coffee Mugs - Bridget loves that they keep her coffee *piping* hot. You can get them at local retailers like Clear Water Outdoor in downtown Lake Geneva, or on Amazon.
  • Shady Ray Sunglasses - Bridget helpfully took a picture of Nick talking about these sunglasses while he was talking about them. You can see the picture above, and buy them at this link. Nick likes that they're classically styled, a good quality of construction, and not a ton of money. He wears the Signature Series Blackout Polarized versions.