Aug. 31, 2020

Post Event Hangover Bloody Mary's | Dinner Plus Drinks #36

Post Event Hangover Bloody Mary's | Dinner Plus Drinks #36
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This episode is out a little later in the day than normal because Nick was recovering from a post-event hangover. To learn what that it and to discover Bridget's probably much more effective recovery technique, you're going to need to listen to this week's (self proclaimed) very excellent episode. Here are links to what we talked about this week:

  1. Both Bridget and Nick agree with this article about your brain capacity being less than optimal through the corona virus times.
  2. Bridget is thrilled Stephen Colbert chose to apologize to Milwaukee for "dumping" on the city during his Democratic National Convention coverage.
  3. Nick wants to know how treating elephants with CBD oil to treat anxiety ends up for the Warsaw Zoo!
  4. Bridget is super excited for this Grilled Leg of Lamb Gyro Sandwich recipe.
  5. Nick is insistent that all Americans should get out and make this Texas Smoked Brisket recipe for Labor Day weekend!

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Cheers everybody!