Oct. 10, 2021

Our Biggest Episode Yet: The Wedding Game - Dinner Plus Drinks #94

Our Biggest Episode Yet: The Wedding Game - Dinner Plus Drinks #94
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We brought in 4 guests and 3 different types of beer for this one friends - it's the biggest, most epic, and most fun we've had on an episode yet: it's The Wedding Game Episode!

On this episode, we got Bridget to pick a new favorite Oktoberfest beer, dropped some bomb product suggestions, and then, got to playing a fun game that we like to call "Design A Wedding." This game consists of having to make a choice of venue, music, food, drinks, and guests for your hypothetical wedding - cost is no issue. The catch is that you have to pick from the options provided, and you can only select one option in each level of options: epic, great, good, meh, and oh noooooo!

We got some of our favorite people to call in a join us for the game, and we invite you to play along as well. You can find a picture with the layout on dinnerplusdrinks.com or check out the text description here:


  • Epic: A beautiful, historic mansion with every amenity possible. 
  • Great: A fancy resort with on-site accommodations for all your guests.
  • Good: An idyllic barn that's open to the elements and a bit musty.
  • Meh: In a tent in your backyard - it's a bit windy and mosquito-ey
  • Oh no: The local VFW Hall - the floors are sticky.


  • Epic: Britney Spears and JT perform an incredible concert set for you and your guests.
  • Great: An 11 piece live cover band.
  • Good: Dueling pianos.
  • Meh: An okay DJ that mostly does what you told him.
  • Oh no: The guest controlled "iPod experience."


  • Epic: Gordon Ramsay prepares the food specially and personally for you.
  • Great: The best caterer in the area did a special menu for you.
  • Good: Your friend who likes to cook put together a food spread for you.
  • Meh: A chicken based buffet. Vegetarian option is the side salad.
  • Oh no: Subway sandwich platters.


  • Epic: All you can drink top shelf everything - let the bubbles flow!
  • Great: A nice open bar with call level liquor, good wine & beer, and something you really enjoy.
  • Good: Crappy wine pour with dinner, cash bar for the guests with generic products.
  • Meh: Got some kegs of Miller Lite and boxes of wine: BYO flask!
  • Oh no: 2 liters of soda are available and the bubbler's over there: help yourself!


  • Epic: The people who matter to you and can hang at an epic party. No one more, and no one less.
  • Great: You get to invite most of your friends, your parents get to invite some of their friends, and your annoying step-uncle has to be there.
  • Good: All of your annoying family is there, your parents picked most of the guests, but you got 2 tables of friends.
  • Meh: It's all your family, your parent's friends and work acquaintances. You have to talk to each table.
  • Oh no: There is no guest list - anyone in the entire world who wants to come can show up.

Let us know your choices, we'd love to hear your picks. Email us or drop us a voicemail on our website!

Also check out these links from the episode:

Thanks for listening, we hope you enjoyed this episode. We really enjoyed making it and appreciate all of our guests popping on to help us this week. Have a great week, get in touch with us, and stay healthy.


~ Bridget and Nick