Aug. 13, 2021

Oktoberfest....yes, Already - Amuse Bouche #7

Oktoberfest....yes, Already - Amuse Bouche #7

Happy Oktoberfest Season!

Yes, that's right, Oktoberfest is just around the corner and some of the best beer of the year has already hit the shelves.

Check out this well-written (and entertaining) article to learn a bit more about Oktoberfest beer:
If you want to try Bridget's Top 5 Fave Oktoberfest beers, get them while they're still around:

  1. Munsterfest - 3 Floyds
  2. Festbier - Maplewood 
  3. Oktoberfest - Lakefront Brewing 
  4. OctoberFest - Sam Adams
  5. Oktoberfest Marzen - Hacker Pschorr

Honorable mentions: Staghorn, Spaten 
If you're wondering where I got my info on the history of Oktoberfest in Munich, you can check it out here:  

🍻 Prost! 🍻