April 3, 2022

New Studio Conversationality - Dinner Plus Drinks #119

New Studio Conversationality - Dinner Plus Drinks #119
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Nick did a little rearranging in the studio space and it's a bit more conversationally oriented. We hope you enjoy this week's chat about spring break, April Fool's and lots more, we certainly did!

Here are links to all of the things we discussed this week:

  • If you'd like to make a B&T it's .75 oz. Gran Marnier with 4 oz. of sparkling wine. It's a deliciously less sweet version of a mimosa for your morning enjoyment!
  • Bridget shared this super interesting article from The Atlantic about what's driving the recent uptick in anti-social behavior. 
  • Nick is furious with his beloved New York Times for this hatchet job of an article about how horrible gas range tops are for the environment. It's out of touch and loses sight of the big picture. 
  • These Shrinky Dinks are a fun arts & crafts project to do at home with her kids!
  • If you'd like to rock the same chairs as Bridget and Nick, you can pick them up at Target.

Have a great week everybody, thanks for joining us. If you'd like to follow along with us, here are all the links:

Cheers everybody!

~ Bridget and Nick