May 9, 2021

Mother's Day '21 | Dinner Plus Drinks #72

Mother's Day '21 | Dinner Plus Drinks #72

Happy Mother's Day! 

Without you Mom's nobody is here. You're all wonderful, and we love all of you. We have a big episode this week with lots of talk about everything from traveling with toddlers to tacos to frosé to Billie Eilish. We had to go to backup audio for this episode and we apologize for the less than stellar audio quality, but we hope you enjoy what we have for you this week.

Here are links to everything we talked about this week:

What do you think about the Billie Eilish cover? It's a really fascinating and complex situation - just like her. We'd love to hear from you in whatever way that makes sense for you to get in touch with us. Here's how you can stay up with all of the things Dinner Plus Drinks and get in touch with us to share your travel tips and more! 

Cheers everybody, have a great week; we'll talk to you next week!

~ Bridget and Nick

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