Jan. 19, 2020

Mint Dark Chocolate Kit Kats are Delicious | Dinner Plus Drinks #4

Mint Dark Chocolate Kit Kats are Delicious | Dinner Plus Drinks #4

Come along with us on Nick's adventure to find Mint Dark Chocolate Kit Kat bars, plus enter our first ever Dinner Plus Drinks giveaway! On this super awesome episode:

  • We share how you can win a free LGCM t-shirt just by reviewing us on Apple Podcasts!
  • #GoPackGo
  • Bridget takes a great guess at where this week's wine comes from, and how much it costs.
  • Bridget tells you what pizza she always orders at Oakfire, and Nick gushes about how much he loves Kit Kat bars.
  • We talk about this week's meal plan, including a grown up hamburger helper recipe, and a recipe that uses a vastly underrated LGCM sausage.
  • We recommend a play couch for your kids, and a tool Nick uses all the time in his photography.
  • Nick answers a reader question about "unbecoming fat" in ribeye steaks.
  • Bridget stresses about if she's a terrible parent, and Nick wants to know why his daughter will do something at daycare but not at home.

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