Nov. 8, 2020

Millipedes Aren't Food | Dinner Plus Drinks #46

Millipedes Aren't Food | Dinner Plus Drinks #46

Votes still weren't counted when we recorded this episode, and we wanted to know the results, just like the rest of you! Obviously, when the episode is released, we're now aware of the results, but this episode stands as a monument to that weird point in time where we were pretty certain who the President would be, but we weren't totally certain.

We also talked about many, many fun topics on this episode. Here are links to more information:

  1. We really enjoyed our bottle of Truchard Tempranillo. If you want to attend our virtual wine talk & tasting with Anthony Truchard (winery owner), you can RSVP and get details here:
  2. Bridget loved this video of a neighborhood man making his driveway into a racetrack for the area kids. It's really neat! Watch it here:
  3. Learn about what English soccer player Marcus Rashford is doing to combat childhood hunger in the United Kingdom here:
  4. This swan sale story has some really fun stories and pictures about people who traveled to Lakeland, Florida to take home a pair of swans. Read it here:
  5. For unique Holiday gifts, check out this Etsy shop from Hudson and Mila. They make some beautiful tie-dyed creations and also support the children's autism community:
  6. Thanksgiving is coming soon and Nick put together a list of accessories and gadgets that are super useful. You take a look at the list on the LGCM Thanksgiving website here:
  7. If you're looking for an easy and tasty weeknight dinner, Bridget recommends this Korean BBQ Chicken Tender recipe:
  8. And if you want to make the most delicious tacos in the world, Nick recommends this Pork Carnitas Made in Lard recipe:

We just released our newest Pinkies Up episode. Nick tried to find a Pinot Noir that a Cabernet drinker like Bridget would enjoy. If you haven't listened already, you can find out the results for yourself. Find the episode in this stream, or watch on YouTube here:

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Have a great week, we'll talk you to soon!

~ Bridget and Nick