Dec. 30, 2019

Meat in 2020 with Travis Stockstill aka @AmericanButcher

Meat in 2020 with Travis Stockstill aka @AmericanButcher

We wrap up our series of 2019 look backs and 2020 look aheads with this interview. This episode, we are joined by Travis Stockstill, who may be better known as @americanbutcher on Instagram. Travis is a talented butcher, who in addition to his day job, hosts The Meat Block podcast, and is a member of Team USA for the the 2020 World Butchers' Challenge. We discuss:

  • Travis' journey to becoming a butcher.
  • Cuts of meat, flavors, and other meat trends in 2019.
  • What we're expecting to 2020, how we feel about meatless meat, and more.
  • Team USA, the Butcher's Guild, and the World Butchers' Challenge.

Do you want to support Travis, and learn more about what he does? Here are some links:

Want to get in on supporting Team USA and their battle to be crowned champions at the World Butcher Challenge? Get more info here:

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