Feb. 21, 2021

Lord Coldemort | Dinner Plus Drinks #61

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If you love Harry Potter and puns, you probably are curious about the title of this week's episode - you're going to have to listen to our news stories to find out where the reference comes from, and we promise it's pretty awesome. 

Here are links to everything we talked about on this week's episode:

  1. We'll be hosting a series of Pop Up Dinners in downtown Lake Geneva starting on Saturday, February 27th. You can get tickets and details about all 3 of our dinners on Eventbrite
  2. We enjoyed a bottle of the Symington Altano Duoro Red Blend from Portugal. It's a delicious every day red wine to enjoy with burgers, pasta, or whatever you're eating on a weeknight. 
  3. The storms and electricity challenges in Texas are horrible, but one man - Jim "Mattress" Mack - stepped up to show incredible kindness. Read his story on CBS News.
  4. Nick absolutely loves that Scotland names their snowplow trucks - "gritters" to the Scots - and enjoys watching them move around Scotland. Check out a news story about this uniquely Scottish custom from cnet.
  5. Bridget is a big fan of these Hape wooden dollhouse furniture sets that are a great quality for all of your kids' play needs.
  6. Simona has been stepping it up big time on the arts and crafts, and these dauber markers help keep her from drawing all over everything.
  7. Bridget is looking forward to this Fajita Chicken Macaroni and Cheese recipe from our weekly meal plan.
  8. While Nick is super pumped for making a big batch of chimichurri sauce and putting it on a grilled flank steak. Get the reciperight here.

Thanks for listening to this week's episode, we have fun recording each week, and we're glad to do our best to bring some joy into your life. We hope you enjoy our chat and recommendations!

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Have a great week everybody - we'll talk next week!

~ Bridget and Nick

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