May 1, 2022

Library + Bridget's Fantasies

Library + Bridget's Fantasies
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Things that make Bridget happy and the Lake Geneva Public Library came together this week to make some interesting threads of conversation. We hope you enjoy listening to our journey through our weeks, plus all the fun and games we have along the way.

We have a really fun game this week. Seriously, make sure you listen!

  • The Lake Geneva Public Library re-opened this week after months after renovation. If you're local, go check it out!
  • We checked out Drinking French by David Lebovitz from said Library and made a Triple Ménace cocktail from Gin, Lillet Blanc, and Yellow Chartreuse (a substitute for Suze). It was delicious!
  • Bridget shared this cool organization called Guerrilla Gardening that promotes growing beautiful and tasty things in public spaces. 
  • How would you feel about booking a plane ticket that then becomes a bus ticket? Well. It's happening. United is trying to put a positive spin on this development, but Nick isn't having it.
  • If Bridget is using this coffee cup, maybe give her a little space!
  • Nick is a huge fan of the beers they're making at Low Daily Beer in Burlington, WI, especially their Table Beer. It's called 'Buckets' because you can drink buckets of it because it's only 3.5% ABV and delicious.
  • When you want to listen to radio stations from other cities - maybe like Seattle, for instance - Bridget recommends using the Audacy Radio app!
  • Shout out to The Dating Divas for coming up with this at home version of The Price is Right and thank you to Shannon for playing along!

Thank you so much for listening, we hope you have a great week. If you'd like to follow along with us, here are all the links:

Cheers everybody!

~ Bridget and Nick