April 26, 2020

It's Okay To Have Some Brain Fog | Dinner Plus Drinks #18

It's Okay To Have Some Brain Fog | Dinner Plus Drinks #18
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This week, Bridget has brain fog, but she found an article to explain why it's happening (link below), and Nick is more upbeat and ready to face the world. Here's what we have for you this week:

  • Boston NPR has an article from a clinical neuropsychologist detailing why you may be feeling a brain fog right now. It's just how Nick and Bridget are feeling. Are you?
  • We tried two wines that were left over from our Thursday night virtual wine tasting with Charlie Master of Master Wines:
    • Kin & Cascadia Cabernet Sauvignon, a Washington State wine that has a lovely combination of full red and black fruit flavors and is great for every night drinking with your meal...
    • ...and Exem Bordeaux, a blend of Merlot & Cabernet from France that's a bit drier than Bridget likes, but right up Nick's alley, another perfect every night drinker.
  • We talked about the best things we ate this week...even if they weren't really the best. Nick and Bridget both enjoyed Nick's Blueberry Fruit Salsa from our LGCM Chopped Challenge. Click here to watch the replay. Sorry for the early audio issues!
  • Bridget is excited to attempt Homemade Nashville Hot Chicken this week, and Nick's going to make some Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas. You can check out the entire meal plan here.
  • Are you a Parks & Rec fan? Bridget is a huge fan, and they're coming out with a special new episode to benefit Feeding America!
  • Nick can't believe that Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, conducted his NFL Draft from a $250 million super yacht. Actually, he really shouldn't be that surprised.
  • Bridget found these awesome full wall coloring pages you can enjoy at home, and she also highly recommends this Instagram account of a travel photographer who is now taking shots of "wild things at home."
  • Nick cannot recommend the NY Times enough. Subscribe to their digital edition, or check out NYT Cooking for awesome recipes.
  • Plus lots more random facts, Dad jokes, kid talk, and lots more. 

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Stay safe, cheers everybody!

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