Oct. 3, 2021

It's Britney, Nick - Dinner Plus Drinks #93

It's Britney, Nick - Dinner Plus Drinks #93
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Bridget came up with a genius segment and quizzed Nick on Britney Spears songs. You're going to want to make sure you listen to hear how much Nick knows about Britney Spears, as well as singing from both Bridget and Nick. Congrats Britney on your legal victory, we're happy for you! #freebritney

In addition to the incredible Britney talk, here are a few links from this week's episode:

  • Check out the good news about the Culver's Curderburger!
  • Nick is a big fan of the James Bond franchise and loved this story about Daniel Craig becoming an honorary Commander in the Royal Navy!
  • Do your dry fit shirts sometimes not launder as cleanly as you would like? Check out these washing machine pebbles that Bridget recommends. They'll help keep your clothes smelling fresh!
  • Nick is a huge fan of Noel Philips, a travel vlogger type that makes videos showing off reviews of airlines, trains, and much more. If you miss traveling, are curious what air travel is like in Africa, or want to know what trans-oceanic first class cabins look like, visit Noel's YouTube channel.
  • MACs Moving and Storage in Lake Geneva, WI is a great resource for moving and storing things! Both Bridget and Nick highly recommend them. 

Thanks for listening, it's been a weird week. If you want to learn a bit more and hear some perspective on the burn out and stress that we all have been facing and keeps mounting, make sure you listen to this week's episode of Amuse Bouche. Bridget takes it on with a great article that Nick thinks you should listen to! Find it one episode before this one in your podcast feed.

Quick programming note - there is no YouTube episode this week because Nick's computer got fried and the video was stored on that. Audio only :(

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Thanks for listening, we hope you have a great week!

~ Bridget and Nick