June 21, 2020

It's a Rough Week For Nick | Dinner Plus Drinks #26

It's a Rough Week For Nick | Dinner Plus Drinks #26
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Nick had a rough week, getting in not one, but two accidents involving motor vehicles! Luckily, he's still here to talk about the week, drink some wine, and, of course, talk about kids! Here are the links from this week's episode, and remember, you can watch us on YouTube! Click here to watch this week's episode.

  1. The Domaine du Viking Vouvray Brut is a delicious sparkling wine for summer. You can learn more about the producer on the importer's website
  2. You can find the really cool Cheese & Wine Pairing Board video that Nick & Bridget made on the LGCM YouTube page.
  3. Bridget thinks it's awesome that the Dai-Ichi Yochien preschool in Japan was designed to include a courtyard that doubles as a puddle to splash in. Check out this news story.
  4. Nick is thrilled that Diego the Tortoise has been able to retire from his job as the savior of his species!
  5. Bridget had an awesome time with this Acrylic Paint, Brush, and Canvas kit. You can have hours of fun with this kit! 
  6. Bridget is looking forward to this Basil Pesto Pizza (pizza is delicious and so is pesto, this is a win win!).
  7. Nick loves this Japanese Pork Cabbage Roll for a crunchy and fresh summer meal. 

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Cheers everybody!

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