April 18, 2021

It Was the Dog | Dinner Plus Drinks #69

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Please give a warm welcome to our special guest Colin, our friend and talented video production guru from Greyspot Visuals. You may have seen their work featured on the LGCM social channels, or watched our Hard Seltzer Taste Off that Colin filmed. You can check out their work right here.

On the day we recorded this episode, Colin was in town to film a segment about how LGCM makes liver sausage. We were between shots with time to spare, so we invited to join him this week's episode as a special guest. We had a great time recording a slightly abridged version of our weekly podcast with him - we hope you enjoy what we have for you this week!

We appreciate all the support you show us by following us on whatever channel makes sense for you. We especially appreciate when you tell your friends about the podcast and encourage them to listen. Y'all are great!

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Cheers everybody, no special episodes to be released this week, but we'll be back next Sunday just us and normal pod!

~ Bridget and Nick