Jan. 5, 2020

I let my kids stay up until midnight on NYE | Dinner Plus Drinks #2

I let my kids stay up until midnight on NYE | Dinner Plus Drinks #2
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Happy New Year! Nick & Bridget are back chatting about food, drinks, kids, and New Years! Here's what we discussed on this episode:

  • We cracked open a can of Maplewood Brewery's Juice Pants IPA and enjoyed the low bitterness, high tropical fruit flavors.
  • Bridget reported back on her how lobster tail cooking went.
  • We previewed this week's LGCM meal plan. It's packed full of nutritious lean meats, perfect to help you eat healthy in 2020!
  • Nick & Bridget offered tips on two different planners they use to help organize their lives.
  • Nick broke down the deal with coulotte steaks - an innovative steak that Bridget enjoyed on New Year's Day.
  • We answered listener questions about how to get kids to try new foods.
  • And we told stories about letting kids stay up for New Year's Eve in Kids Corner!

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