July 12, 2020

How Many Things Can Break? | Dinner Plus Drinks #29

How Many Things Can Break? | Dinner Plus Drinks #29
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Without spoiling the "fun" on this episode, Bridget has had a few unexpected repairs around her house this week. It's been a wild 2020, and the hits just don't seem to stop! Here's what we talked about on this week's episode:

  1. We took a quick sample of Seipp's Extra Pale Pilsner - a pre-prohibition style lager that's reviving a famous Chicago beer brand. Hopefully we'll have the brewery's proprietor Laurin on the podcast soon to take a deep dive into the story behind this beer!
  2. Bridget is a huge fan of thrift shopping and is excited to see that Walmart is entering the clothing resale market with ThredUP.
  3. Nick would love it if Lake Geneva could get a floating theater like this Drive-In for Boat in Paris.
  4. Bridget learned about Pet Cube from her sister - their range of smart cameras for pets is awesome. Check them out on Amazon
  5. Nick has been using pepper flakes from Flat Iron Pepper Co. - he particularly loves the dark and smoky blend as a way of adding a subtle smoke flavor to food without using fake liquid smoke.
  6. On this week's meal plan, Bridget is going to make this Simple Baked Halibut recipe.
  7. And Nick is going to have a go at creating this Senegalese Chicken Yassa recipe.

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Cheers everybody!

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