Jan. 10, 2021

Financial Planning with Nick | Dinner Plus Drinks #55

Financial Planning with Nick | Dinner Plus Drinks #55
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Bridget was right - just because it's 2021 doesn't mean that the craziness is ended!! We cover a wide range of topics on this episode from Dry January to the madness at the Capitol to some very helpful (maybe) financial planning tips from Nick. Here are links to what we talked about on this week's episode:

  1. We got some great community comments on Dry January - thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram for future discussion topics and please share your thoughts!
  2. We tried Nova Easy Alcoholic Kombucha as an attempt at a "healthy" alcoholic drink for the New Year. Our thoughts were mixed, but you can try it for yourself at LGCM.
  3. Like much of America, Bridget was touched by Alex Trebek's message on his final episode of Jeopardy! He didn't know it would be his last episode, but he still managed to share an inspiring message. You can get the highlights here
  4. Nick thought the NY Times story of Fred Kast, the official scorer of the Golden State Warriors, who retired from his role after 57 years was an interesting tale of paper based scoring still existing in a digital world. You can read the story here.
  5. If you're looking to drink more water in 2021, a big ole' Yeti Tumbler will help you accomplish this goal! Bridget loves hers and you can buy one from Amazon by clicking here.
  6. Nick loves that Acorns helps him slowly and steadily save money through rounding up his credit card purchases. If you'd like to give it a try (and help Nick get a referral bonus!) you can use this link to sign up.
  7. It's Slow Cooker Week at Lake Geneva Country Meats, and Bridget is recommending this Italian Stuffed Pork Meatball Sandwich recipe.
  8. And Nick whole heartedly recommends this Slow Cooker Beef Osso Bucco recipe

Thank you so much for listening! We hope you enjoyed this week's chat, and particular thanks to everyone who shared comments on our discussion topic.

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Have a great week, stay safe, and stay sane - we'll talk to you again next Sunday!

~ Bridget and Nick

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