July 2, 2021

Extended Family Vacations & Setting Boundaries - Amuse Bouche #2

Extended Family Vacations & Setting Boundaries - Amuse Bouche #2
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Man, this episode makes me sound like I actually have it all together and have all of the right conversations.  Don't worry, I do not!   I recorded this one as a reminder for myself - basically my very own hype session.

But, if you're heading out on an extended family vacation, here are a few quick tips for making it the best it can be:

  • Spend the whole week ahead laying out things to pack.  Add to the pile throughout the week. 
  • Set some simple boundaries (more on that below)
  • Lower your expectations!  

Boundaries are super hard to set - at least for a type A person like me – and I found this article from Tiny Buddha to be helpful:  

And, finally, take a deep breath, you can do it.  Extended family vacations are all about combining styles and taking a major attempt at going with the flow.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July!

(And yup, I talk really quickly, so I'll work on that)