May 6, 2021

Does All Rosé Wine Taste the Same? - Pinkies Up Ep. 9

We love rosé wine - it's pink, refreshing, and a harbinger of spring and summer fun! There are SO MANY different bottles of rosé available on store shelves and on restaurant wine lists now, and they all seem to blend together. They are made from different grapes, come from different places, and have different price points, but the question is, do they all taste the same?

On this month's episode, we tried 5 different rosé wines from around the world to get the verdict on if they all taste the same or not. Listen and find out what we think. Here are the wines we tried:

  • Fleur de Mer Rosé - Cotes de Provence, France
  • Borsao Garnacha Rosé - Campo de Borja, Spain
  • Hogwash Rosé (in a can!) - California
  • L'Oliveto Rosé of Pinot Noir - Russian River Valley, California
  • Josh Rosé Prosecco - Italy

There are plenty more bottles of rosé you can try, but these are all available for under $15 and representative of a "typical" bottle of rosé that you can find on any store shelf. 

What do you think of our conclusions? We hope you try this test for yourself at home (with some friends!) soon and let us know your thoughts on the question of does all rosé taste the same!

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Cheers everybody - we'll talk to you soon!