Dec. 13, 2020

Christkindlmarkt Success! | Dinner Plus Drinks #51

Christkindlmarkt Success! | Dinner Plus Drinks #51
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Bridget & Nick recorded this episode remotely in the direct afterglow of our first ever Christkindlmarkt. It was a monumental undertaking to make this event happen and we used this episode to discuss the whole journey of getting this event off the ground. Listen to hear the travails of this event and enjoy the happiness of an all's well that ends well.

In addition, we announced the winners of our 50th Episode giveaways. Here they are:

  • Apple Podcast Review - Sue the Turtle Doctor
  • Facebook Post Share - Mary Kutz Rima
  • YouTube Subscriber - Apryl McCoy

Please send us an email to hello at dinnerplusdrinks dot com and we'll get your gift cards to you. Thanks to everyone who entered and support us each week!

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Bridget & Nick