Jan. 31, 2021

Better chocoLATE than never | Dinner Plus Drinks #58

Better chocoLATE than never | Dinner Plus Drinks #58
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We're giving this episode a Dad joke title because it is coming out a little later on Sunday than we normally release episodes and it's about chocolate!

We were unable to record our normal weekly episode this week due to time constraints, so we dug into the audio archives and pulled out an interview Nick previously did with Julie Waterman of Indulgence Chocolatiers in Milwaukee, WI on a past podcast episode. The interview was conducted in 2018, so some things are different (pre-COVID!), but we still think it's an interesting interview. 

Why did we choose to release this audio for this week's episode? It's because on Wednesday we will be releasing our newest Pinkies Up interview that will be answering the question "What Wine Pairs with Dark Chocolate" and it will be featuring Indulgence Chocolatiers Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt! We hope this episode helps get you pumped UP for Valentine's Day, and wine and chocolate pairings in general. 

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Thanks for your understand with this audio archive episode. You'll be hearing from us this Wednesday, and Friday we'll have an episode recorded live at our new popup store with 2 weeks of fun, food, drinks, and, some awesome kid stories. It's going to be well worth the wait!


~ Bridget and Nick