April 25, 2021

Back from Kansas City | Dinner Plus Drinks #70

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Nick had a short getaway in Kansas City this week, and he is here to tell you all about the great things of the city...as well as what he thinks he could do better. Hint, there's a lot of barbecue talk. Also - sorry for the coughing, it's allergy season and not great for Nick!

Here are links to what we talked about on this week's episode:

  • Learn about the mental state of "languishing" from this NY Times article.
  • Enjoy the tale of the rise and fall of the European Super League in this entertaining article by the NY Times.
  • Anthony Bourdain's posthumously released World Travel: An Irreverent Guide is a great book to check out.
  • The Kindle Oasis has made Nick read so much more. It's durable, works in the dark, and lets you take books everywhere!
  • Check out this Chorizo Bite recipe that Bridget talked about from this week's meal plan!

Here are some places that Nick recommends visiting in Kansas City:

Thanks for listening, we hope you enjoyed this recipe, even with all the coughing. We're glad you spent the time with us. 

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Cheers everybody, have a great week; we'll talk to you next week!

~ Bridget and Nick

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