Aug. 23, 2020

A Slightly Uneventful Week | Dinner Plus Drinks #35

A Slightly Uneventful Week | Dinner Plus Drinks #35
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We both had a slightly uneventful week that still happened to be filled with delicious food and anticipation for a BIG week coming up soon. That may not be the best pitch for listening to a podcast episode, but we still managed to have fun talking about life, recommending recipes, drinks, and products, plus answering some important kid questions. We hope you'll join us on this week's episode. Here are links to what we talked about:

  1. We drank a bottle of this totally delicious Zuccardi 'A' Torrontes from Argentina. It's floral, light bodied, and very refreshing for summer.
  2. Check out this picture of the AMAZING peach croissant creation that Simple Bakery & Market made this week. Bridget and Nick can't stop eating them!
  3. Bridget, the world's most enthusiastic thrifter, is super excited that AOC shared her love of thrifting as well!
  4. Nick really enjoyed this article (and the associated virtual tour) about the special gallery exhibit for the artist Raphael's 500th birthday. It's an interesting look into how art exhibits work during COVID!
  5. Bridget loves refrigerator magnet calendars to promote organization and planning in her household. Much like this one!
  6. Nick has been on a Korean food kick and is enjoying the Maangchi website, her YouTube channel, and, of course, her cookbook. Check her out if you want to learn some easy and delicious Korean recipes!
  7. Bridget picked a chicken recipe to share this week - Thai Chicken Satay.
  8. And Nick is excited for Baby Back Rib Day and will be making these Chinese-inspired Hoisin Baby Back Ribs.

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Cheers everybody!

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