Sept. 11, 2021

A Lot About Tyler - Dinner Plus Drinks #90

Greetings friends! On this episode, conversation somehow managed to drift to Mr. Bridget (aka Tyler) a lot. It was good to sit down (well, actually stand up) and talk about a crazy week. 

Check out these links!

  1. Bridget found this article encouraging us all to stop chasing success and start enjoying life to be very helpful. Read it for yourself.
  2. Nick is delighted to find that Dad Jokes can be used for good! Tanks Good News brings us this story about dad jokes helping a neighbor get motivated to recover from surgery.
  3. If you want to look like Nick, Tyler, and (according to Bridget) every other Dad in the world, you should go to Clear Water Outdoor and buy yourself a Patagonia Better Sweater. If you ask for "Nick's Boy Sean," and Sean himself helps you, he promised a 15% discount on your purchase!

We hope you enjoyed listening to this episode. We always aim to be a little ray of sunshine in your week, and we hope we're making that happen. If you like what we're doing,  here's how you can follow along and get in touch with us:

Thanks for listening, we hope you have a great week!

~ Bridget and Nick